Stacey & Steven

I thought it appropriate that my very first post on 'The Weekly Weave' be on my beautiful best friend's wedding!!! 

Stacey & Steven were married on the 8th of October 2016 at Truffleduck, Fyansford Victoria. It was one of the happiest, most enjoyable weddings I have been lucky enough to be a part of. The bride was stunning in a Wendy Makin gown from Brides on Collins (and vegan shoes!), the fellas looked sharp in classic black tie and the bridesmaids were pretty in blush pink.

I was tasked with chief bridesmaid duties, floral creation and doing the bride's and my own makeup... so safe to say it was a busy week for me, but not nearly so as the bride herself who planned the whole wedding ALL BY HERSELF! She's amazing.

Spring weddings are so desirable but can be SO unpredictable, the weather can affect not only how the day plays out but also what flowers actually come out in time for you to say "I do". For Stacey, she was in luck! Even though the weather had been dismal at best leading up to her big day, by the time the week of her wedding came around the sun was shining, the spring blooms were in  full swing and she had the PERFECT weather on the day. 

Now let's talk about the bouquets, I had THE MOST FUN creating these fluffy babies. I basically had full reign other than a rough colour palette of pastel with a pop of bright and a request that they "not weigh a tonne" AND there be at least ranunculi or peonies. It was still a little too early for peonies (by a week!) so the ranuncs won out. 

The flowers included, Ranunculi, Jasmine, Scabiosa, Roses, Stock, Camomile, Queen Anne's Lace, Bouvardia, Hypericum berry, Poppies, Forget-me-nots and Sweet pea, finished off with a little bit of Silver suede, Peppercorn, Geranium and Ivy foliage. Yes they were jam-packed! I don't think I could have squished another bud in there if I tried. 

I was aiming for a natural, loose look while maintaining a solid posy shape but ended up making them a little tighter because of the delicate blooms involved and the warmer, sunny day. Glad that I did because in the end even the fully blown poppies held together! 

There were floral collars for the dogs and wristlets for the flower girls, Stacey's attention to detail meant that nothing went un-flowered or decorated if it could be!

They opted for simple rose buttonholes for the boys which suited the classic, clean look of their bow ties and black jackets. 

They were married in front of a cascade of jasmine and ivy berry, bringing a little extra of the garden into their already spectacular garden ceremony. 

As far as doing friend's wedding flowers go, it's nice when they trust you know your stuff. Stacey left me to my own devices on all of the floral decisions which meant I was able to use what was most beautiful and best quality on the day. 

It was a gorgeous day, the bride and groom were happy and smiling all day (except when the groom teared up for his vowels) and everyone danced the night away in celebration. If I could go back and do it all again I would, flowers, makeup bridesmaids duties and dancing until my knees hurt. 

xx Verity xx